About “BrandMo Technologies”

We aspire to be global multi-lingual leaders in creating specialised data driven digital advertising. Born in Canada and with presence in key big multi-cultural audience markets, we champion language digital advertising as a powerful force to reach and deliver for brands. Brand(s) are at the core of us and we understand and work to build on the ethos and values of the brand. “BrandMo Technologies” is one such unique platform in the ad-tech space, where data, audience and technology merge and create magic for brands to reach and deliver right value in the mobile marketing world.

Our Philosophy

Consumerism and its connect with brands is our philosophy. Creating synergies through our technology is our vision. Consumer data targeted audiences and leveraging it into tech. is our mission.

Our Vision

Facilitating an inclusive and diverse tech-enabled platform for the global multi-cultural audience.

Our Mission

Building technological and data platform for advertisers and brands which bridges the gap between mainstream technological solutions versus minority consumers.

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Our Execution

Serving currently 132+ clients across Europe, Middle East, North America and Parts of Asia and enabling them to reach their minority consumer with a DMP/CDP for multicultural audiences.

Pioneering Global Multi-Lingual Leadership in Data-Driven Digital Advertising

SDK Excellence

Our SDK integrates with 10,000+ apps, offering premium ad slots and first-party data.

Diverse Tech Team

United across 7 countries, we share tech goals and a common vision.

Programmatic Powerhouse

Among the largest multi-cultural programmatic ecosystems, with advanced SSP and DSP platforms.

Full Stack Solutions

A North American-focused ad-tech ecosystem, featuring three proprietary tools for multi-lingual audiences.

The Genesis of BrandMo

The name “BrandMo” combines: “Brand” to emphasize its focus on branding and advertising and “Mo” standing for “Mobile,” indicating its specialization in mobile advertising technologies with AI. The use of AI is to enhance and optimize mobile advertising campaigns, making it more efficient and effective for its clients.

Redefining Possibilities with our Key Features

Unlock the potential of your brand with BrandMO Technologies, offering tailor-made solutions such as customizable data integration, precise audience segmentation, and in-depth intelligence for marketing success. Our ISO/GDPR compliance and Google certification guarantee a cutting-edge, secure, and efficient digital advertising experience.
Got questions? Contact us at
2020 South Millway, Unit Number 55, Mississauga, Ontario, L51k2, Canada.
Got questions? Contact us at
2020 South Millway, Unit Number 55, Mississauga, Ontario, L51k2, Canada.